Online Draw Game Subscriptions - Get Started

Guide for subscribing to online draw games

4 minutes to read

How do I sign up for a draw game subscription?

  1. Select “Buy Now” on the game you wish to purchase.

  1. Select an Easy Pick option or pick your own numbers and amount of tickets, then select “Add to Cart”.

  1. Once you have confirmed the number of tickets to play and picked your numbers , select “ADD TO CART.”.

  1. Review your order and select “CHECKOUT.”

  1. You may be required to confirm your location at the time of purchase. Please allow to use your current location.

  1. Enter your payment details, then select “CONTINUE”.

  1. Review the Checkout Summary details, then select “SUBMIT.”

  1. Review the payment receipt on the Successful Payment screen.

What games offer Subscriptions?

  • Subscriptions are currently offered for the following games:

    • Fantasy 5

    • Lotto 47

How long is a subscription active?

  • A subscription remains active indefinitely until canceled.  

Can I have multiple subscriptions?

  • Yes, multiple subscriptions are allowed.

Where do I find Subscriptions in My Account?

  1. Sign in and select “My Account” from the menu.

  1. Select “Subscriptions.”

  1. You will now see your active Subscriptions. If you would like to view your numbers, select “Upcoming Draws.”

  1. Select “View Numbers” on any of the items labeled“Weekly Subscription” to see the numbers for each ticket in your active subscription.

  1. Review the tickets in your subscription.