Online Draw Game Subscription Cancellation Information

Information for cancelling online draw game subscriptions

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How do I cancel my Subscription?

  1. Select “My Account” from the menu.

    1. Select “Subscriptions.”.

    1. Select “Cancel Subscription.”

    1. A pop-up will appear. Select, “YES, CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION.”

    1. Review the cancellation message, then select “CLOSE.”

    1. Your subscription will now be marked as “CANCELLED.”

When I cancel my subscription are my current tickets still valid?

    1. When a subscription is canceled the remaining drawings will be active. When viewing a canceled subscription you will see the date of cancelation and a note in regards to the date you will stop being billed.

    2. Example image:

Does Self Exclusion affect my subscription?

    1. To confirm, self exclusion will cancel your subscription.