What are Tax Reported Prizes?

Information in regards to what is needed to claim a win greater than $600.

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If you win an online prize that is greater than $600, you will be required to submit an online claim for tax purposes. The status of your online claim and any actions that need to be taken to process the claim will be reflected on the Tax Reported prizes page.

Listed below are all of the features of the Tax Reported Prizes page

  1. Filter - In the drop-down you will be able to filter the entries by "Last 30 days" or "All".

  2. Date Won - This is the date that the prize was won.

  3. Game Name - The name of the game that the prize was won on.

  4. Prize ID - The ID assigned to the prize.

  5. Prize Amount - The total dollar value of the prize that was won (before taxes).

  6. Prize Wager - The dollar value that was spent on the ticket or game play on which the prize was won.

  7. Status - This is the status of the claim. Below is the list of possible statuses and what actions each status requires you to take:

    1. Not Started - Claim is waiting for player to select the “Claim Prize” button*

    2. Provide SSN - Claimant is required to provide full social security number for tax reporting purposes

    3. In Process - Claim has been submitted and is pending approval

    4. Completed - Claim has been approved and the net prize value has been deposited into the players account.

    5. Expired - Prize has expired and can no longer be claimed

View Button - This button will open the details for your claim or prize.

Note: If you have not won any online prizes over $600, you will not see an activity displayed on the Tax Reported Prizes page.

For information on how to view tax reported prizes, visit the following article: