How does My Bonus Activity work?

Learn how to use the "My Bonus Activity" feature of your Michigan Lottery Account.

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When viewing your bonus activity, you can use the filter to refine your search. By default, the filter is set to “All”. Select the filter dropdown, choose an option, then select the “SHOW” button to filter your bonus activity results. 

Your bonus activity will be displayed with the following details: Bonus ID, Bonus Type, Bonus Amount, Activation Date, Expiration Date, and Wagering Progress.

For Example:

Listed below is all of the content on the My Bonus Activity screen and details about each feature.

  1. Filters - By default, the filter is set to “All.” You can select the type (All, Upcoming, In Progress, Completed, Expired, Reversed) of the bonus offer you are looking for from the drop-down, then select SHOW to filter the results.

  2. Bonus ID - The ID assigned to the Bonus. If you have issues with a Bonus, this ID can be provided to a Customer Service agent to help with investigation.

  3. Bonus Type - There are (3) types of bonuses: Free Games, Bonus Cash, and Bonus Credit. Learn more about the types of bonus offers.

  4. Bonus Amount - The value of the bonus offer in dollars or number of games, depending on the type of offer.

  5. Activation Date - The date and time the bonus offer was activated. 

  6. Expiration Date - The date and time the bonus offer expires. The state of the bonus will also be displayed below the date and time. The bonus states are: Bonus Completed, Expired, and In Progress.

  7. Wagering Process - If a bonus requires game play (wagering) to be activated, your progress toward activating the bonus will be displayed here in both a dollar amount and a progress bar. If the bonus does not require game play, this column will display “None.”

Note: If you have no bonus activity, you will not see activity displayed on the My Bonus Activity page.

If you are looking for how to find your offers, please visit the following guide: